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Live Your Ultimate Life

True health and well-being can only occur when your musculoskeletal system is structurally aligned, your biochemistry is in balance thanks to a healthy diet and lifestyle, and your emotional state and mindset are in harmony.

Often referred to as the triad of health, these three areas of focus form the basis of this program, all of which is underpinned by the firm belief that spiritual well-being permeates every aspect of wellness. Using this approach and a range of specialised techniques including naturopathy, kinesiology and energetic healing, Live Your Ultimate Life Program is able to help a very broad range of people, including losing weight, learning how to look after yourself, how to empower yourself by tapping into your own inner wisdom and become your own health guru!

Dr Kate Connolly

Kate Connolly has a Bachelor of Science from the Australian National University as well as a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University.  She is also a certified Applied Kinesiologist and a qualified Naturopath.  Kate has done many Energetic Healing courses and uses all of these skills with her current clients.

Kate has had many struggles and concerns regarding food and health in her life and has suffered from chronic eczema and yo-yo dieting for many years.  Kate also suffered from an eating disorder for about 10 years which severely impacted her sense of self-worth and her health.

'I've spent years researching all aspects of health and wellbeing, from ways to exercise and eat.  I have done many established diets, done huge cleanses and learnt all about what supplements to take for all manner of issues.  I literally punished my body for years for what I saw as huge flaws, rather than what it truly was - just my body's way of talking to me.

Before I realised this, I was constantly in "fix it" mode.  I had many health issues that I thought I was helping but actually I was making worse.  In my journey I discovered that the ONLY path to true health and wellbeing was from loving and looking after myself.  I'm here to teach you how to harness your own intuition and inner health guru so that you too can HEAL YOURSELF".  Kate Connolly

The Live Your Ultimate Life Program will give you access to:

All the exercises included in this program are discussed and explained by Dr. Connolly herself.


Never miss out any detail and read it anytime you like using your mobile devices. Download the complete program in electronic format.


Jojn Kate live on her Live Sessions and immerse yourself in this great learning experience.


Join the private community of health enthusiast people who are passionate about achieving the optimum well-being the right way.

Join Dr. Kate Connolly in this powerful program created to provide extraordinary results to people like you who want to put an end to their struggles.

Receive These Additional Valuable Resources
Dr. Connolly now unveils the perfect guide to learn how to listen to your body and intuitively choose foods that nourish, heal and support you.
These book teaches:
  •  How to harness the power of the new food pyramid
  •  Why different people need specific fuels at different times of the day
  •  How to create greater trust with yourself with your eating habits
  •  How to make better decisions with what you eat
  •  Most importantly, how to have a happier and healthier body!!
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  •  how to create the best eating routines from the basics up to advanced strategies designed to help you succeed in your goals
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